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image Welcome to Extraterrestrials - The Book!

 This book is for the thoughtful reader who is interested in knowing more about our place in the Universe and how we can start to play a part in our own evolution. Now that it is clear that there are many millions of habitable planets in our galaxy, we have to accept the implications that go along with the fact that we are very far from alone.

It is also clear that if we are at all unique, it is only that we are the “new kids on the block”, because our rise to sentience took place such a short time ago in cosmic terms. Since the first stars in the Milky Way formed a number of billions of years ago and others are still forming, it follows that those of our galactic neighbors that arose ahead of us have civilizations that are in general much older and therefore more advanced than ours.

The premise of the book is that it actually makes sense that our neighbors would be visiting as well as keeping track of our progress. And in fact, the evidence that they are doing so is overwhelming if one looks around with an open mind.

The book is also a call for us to solicit help from our neighbors so that we can get through our multiple interconnected crises (energy, population, global warming, food, water, minerals etc.) with the minimum of trauma. In order to have survived this long, our new friends must have gone through their version of this situation long ago. Let us hope that they are willing to share their experience with us!

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“Stephen Mather-Lees is a true visionary of human evolution.”
August “Gus” Jaccaci, in his rousing Foreword.