Book Excerpt

In “Who the Bleep Designed Us?” it was put forward that there are abundant reasons to believe that our evolution was guided by at least one race of advanced extra-terrestrials. That book ended by posing the question “OK, So What Now?”.
That is a very important question, since it is not merely “interesting” that ETs have been involved with us for hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of years. It was also noted in “Who the Bleep” that this is not by any means a new idea. Writers such as Erik von Daniken and the late Zecharia Sitchin proposed this general scenario some time ago. 

This book is an effort to do get the attention of the mainstream of thoughtful readers. It is notable that von Daniken, Sitchin and many others are in fact quite widely read, but it seems that their readership is actually only a fairly narrow demographic, and an even smaller number takes the subject seriously enough to want to do something about it. The reasons for this are not entirely clear, but I feel that the subject is important enough to keep trying, and part of that effort is working to understand the difficulty of getting through to a wider audience.

One important part of this difficulty is the fact that taking the subject seriously requires a significant shift in worldview for the vast majority of people. A shift of this kind was correctly described by the late John Mack in his book “Passport to the Cosmos” as a very threatening thing, which brings up great resistance and denial. This resistance to a serious shift in worldview is extremely difficult to overcome. A study of the history of the treatment handed out to people who challenged the worldview of their time confirms Dr Mack’s observation. Think of Galileo, Giordano Bruno, Nicola Tesla, John Mack himself, Wilhelm Reich, and of course Jesus of Nazareth. Two of these (Jesus, Bruno) were actually executed by the Powers That Be of their time. Reich died in prison after his work was destroyed by the US government in the late 1940’s, and all the copies of his books that they could find were burned. Yes, burned, actual book burning in the 20th century, and not in some third world country either, but the supposedly civilized, free speech, First Amendment US of A!

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