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 They are here. Now. And they have been for quite a while. It is time to talk about them. And to them.

Author Stephen Mather-Lees
Type - Length Book - 33950 words, 120 pages, trade paperback. Published by Questing Press, available at
Grade or Focus Science/Philosophy

        - for thoughtful adults of all ages

Keywords &
Market Focus

Extra-terrestrials, philosophy, UFOs, exo-politics, mind, cosmology.

Author Bio

Mr Mather-Lees is married with two grown daughters. He was educated in England at Cambridge and holds an MA in Mechanical Sciences. He has been a career engineer since the 1970s, and is widely experienced in computer technology and software. He has a long time interest in the mind, space travel, science fiction, cosmology, philosophy, and comparative religion.


The book makes the case that we should be soliciting help from our galactic neighbors, of whom we now know there are many millions, and who must all have been through similar crises of over population and dwindling resources.

Other Information

Acclaim for the book includes the following comments:

"Such a fascinating subject!"

"... so thought provoking!"

"Stephen Mather-Lees is a true visionary of human evolution>"

"The questions spark off all sorts of philosophical points"

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