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Here are some other sites we recommend that are both useful and in line with our mission.

The free encyclopedia that anyone can edit.

Books, movies, music and everything else you need, including our books!

CSETI - Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence
Dedicated to exploring ET contact, disclosure of suppressed information.

Daily reporting on worldwide matters of interest including UFO sightings, crop formations, conferences, extreme weather, etc.

David Wilcock
Books, lectures, lots of free material on consciousness science, ancient civilizations, and new ideas on matter and energy.

LL Research
The site for Carla Rueckert and her ongoing work channeling ETs and other beings, and this is where the RA material and other publications may be found.

Mindshift Institute
Study, events, conferences on Consciousness and the Cosmos.

Zecharia Sitchin
- Is the site for Zecharia Sitchins work. Although sadly Mr. Sitchin passed away late in 2010, the site still has a great deal of information and makes available his books and lectures.

Brian Weiss
- Has information and discussion on his ongoing work, books, lectures, and appearances.

Crop Formations
- Has up-to-date pictures, information and discussion on crop formations worldwide.

Earth Policy Institute
- Publishes Lester Browns "Plan B" books on our planets health. Also regular bulletins on environmental issues.

Farsight Institute
- This is the site for Courtney Browns work in Remote Viewing. Training material and publications, some with free download.

Carolyn LaRocque
Providing support and education as the World becomes aware of our Secret Space Program, Space Travel and Nonterrestrial Life.